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The Business of Acting

You're invited to participate in a production dedicated to YOU the actor.

As an actor, it is your responsibility to set yourself up for success.

The goal of any actor, is to become a working actor. Whether Stage, Film, or TV, the objective is the same, work at what you love doing: ACTING.

The business of acting presented by Acting and CatNic Community Theatre is series of workshops that helps you develop a career strategy and toolbox to achieve your goals. In order to become a working actor, you need the proper resume, headshots, practice, and talent to get the job and keep getting the jobs to stay working.

For more information on joining the "Business of Acting, Career Strategy" series, please email a request to be put on the list to: This series is limited to 20 people and will run approximately 5 weeks. This intensive five week course will help you to define your goals as an actor, and the manner in which to reach them taking you from hobbiest to working actor. Michael will help you create a unique Personal Career Business Plan to develop and market yourself as an Actor.
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This series of workshops is taught by Artistic Director Michael Herst, who is the Artistic Director for CatNic Community Theatre, an accomplished Film and stage Director, an Actor for both film and stage, a Producer and Screenwriter with over 18 years experience in the entertainment field. Michael has 7 feature films to his credit, several television commercials and hundreds of stage performances. Michael is also a graduate of the Film Institute in LA as a Cinema Director and Line Producer, holds a BS in Business Managment and currently working on his Master of Arts Degree in Film and Theatre. .

News and Updates:

Coming in May 2009: Scene Study Intensive series and an Los Angeles Showcase!

CatNic Community Theatre and Acting announce a Scene Study Intensive Workshop as a way of introducing CatNic Community Theatre and the Educational series of workshops and classes being developed for you. This is a six session intensive workshop where students focus on the fundamentals of good acting such as physical and vocal control, emotional availability, character development and script analysis.  The Meisner Technique is practiced in these workshops as well as the ability to develop characters from within oneself.

This technique class develops skills that can be applied easily, effectively and specifically. Through exercises, improvisations, monologue and scene work, students develop a clear, solid and effective approach to acting. COMING IN MAY

Another Scene Study Intensive with a Los Angeles Showcase in front of Agents, Managers and Casting Directors will be presented in Januray as well. This series will teach you specifically the techniques and practices for finetuning a scene and character development. You will then be presenting to a panel of the agents, manageres and casting directors that have the ability to move your career forward. COMING IN JUNE

The Business of Acting Series: As an actor, it is your responsibility to set yourself up for success. The goal of any actor, is to become a working actor. Whether Stage, Film, or TV, the objective is the same, work at what you love you doing. This series is a four week (one day each week) series that assists you in defining your goals as an actor, developing the tools you need to succeed as an actor, and developing a business plan for marketing yourself as an actor. Currently taking students on our wait list

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Disclaimer: This is not a job interview or audition. The presence of a casting director, agent, manager or studio executive is neither a guarantee nor a promise of employment. The intent of the class is solely educational. Attending a Workshop is not a way to obtain employment as an actor. Although opportunity may arise, such contact with a casting director, agent, manager or studio executive at a workshop may not and rarely results in any further contact with that person or any company affiliated with that person. Acting A-Z and CatNic Community Theatre reserves the right to cancel, amend, change or substitute speakers, guests, or schedule at any time without notice.

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